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Post by Wyvern on Fri Jul 20, 2012 3:58 am

These rules were actually taken from SFI, but I also worked on them therefore its allowed to be used here since its like, a Sister-site. Some rules were edited to fit the site.

1. Please do not use extreme violence or anything about drugs, or other innapropiate things. (And I don't mean like you can't mention any drug. You can, just don't discuss that you're going to go take something. There are places to discuss about these things, but keep it low.) Since there may be users under 13 here.

2. No spamming! This includes going off topic, double posting, duplicate threads, etc. Try not to post over 5 times in the Chat Box. Post everything you'd like, as long as it's appropriate, in one post, instead of making several posts.

3. Instead of double posting, edit your recent post if needed! If you're not sure where to post something, ask a Moderator or Admin.

4. Using all capitals is allowed, but please don't use them to yell at other members.

5. Foul language is allowed, just try to avoid it when around younger members. And don't just go overboard with it!

6. There is no precise signature limit. Just don't have really big images, that take up nearly half the page. If you notice some of the Admin/Mods' signatures, that's about a good size. You can include small banners/images, Adoptables, clickables, or several pieces of text.

7. If you're going to disagree with the admins, please don't be rude about it. We don't mind if you disagree with us or want to debate something. We will respect every member on the forum, as long as you respect us back.

8. Speak in English only please! We understand that not everyone knows English, but please try your best to speak it! If you're having troubles with typing in English, dont doubt about letting us know.

9. Creating another account isn't allowed. There should be one account per member, unless you absolutely positively have to! Like if you can't log in for some reason, or your account got deleted. (Which shouldn't happen, unless you get banned from the forum.)

10. Please don't make short or useless replies when writting something in a topic. There are several topics that you only need to do so, and it is where its only allowed.


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